The Posies

The Posies: Dear 23

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Posies

Artist: The Posies
Title: Dear 23
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. "2018 is a milestone year for The Posies - we began our career exactly 30 years prior by releasing a home-recorded cassette called "Failure," which to our complete surprise became an instant favorite around the Northwest, earning us critical accolades, radio airplay, and major label interest all in a very short time. We were lucky to find ourselves living just a few doors down the road in Seattle from Arthur "Rick" Roberts and Mike Musburger, who agreed to join our band on bass and drums, respectively. "Signed to Geffen Records, we recorded our second album "Dear 23," and toured the US, including support tours for both Redd Kross and the Replacements. [Our] albums on Geffen remain beloved by our fans; our most popular, most often cited, most requested works.

1.1 My Big Mouth
1.2 Golden Blunders
1.3 Apology
2.1 Any Other Way
2.2 You Avoid Parties
2.3 Suddenly Mary
3.1 Help Yourself
3.2 Mrs. Green
4.1 Everyone Moves Away
4.2 Flood of Sunshine

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