The Psycho Realm

The Psycho Realm: Psycho Realm

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Artist: The Psycho Realm
Title: Psycho Realm
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Psycho City Blocks/Psycho Interlude
1.2 Showdown
1.3 The Big Payback
1.4 Premonitions
1.5 Interlude/Stone Garden/Interlude
1.6 Temporary Insanity
1.7 Doors Intro/Confessions of a Drug Addict
2.1 Who Are You Interlude/Bullets
2.2 Love Letters Intro/Love from the Sick Side
2.3 R. U. Experienced/Outro
2.4 Psyclones
2.5 Lost Cities
2.6 La Conecta Intro/La Conecta (Pt. 1)
2.7 La Conecta (Pt. 2)/Goin' in Circles Outro

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