Radiators From Space

Radiators From Space: Sound City Beat

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Product Type: CD

Title: Sound City Beat
Label: Ace Records UK

2012 album from one of the veteran Irish Punk band. On Sound City Beat, The Radiators revisit their roots with a glorious jaunt through the '60s and '70s Irish Group scene. They deliver 18 reinventions of songs from Rory Gallagher's Taste, Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison's Them, Horslips, Andwella's Dream, Skid Row, Eire Apparent and more arcane artists Peter Adler & the Next in Line, the Creatures and Orange Machine and more. The music ranges from beat group melodic to twangsville guitar to Psych Pop and Folk Rock all brought into the 21st Century by Radiators founding members Phil Chevron, Pete Holidai and Steve Averill. Guesting on the record are some luminaries from the original era, Terry Woods from Phil Chevron's other band the Pogues, Henry McCullough of Eire Apparent and a CV that spans the Grease Band to Wings and Eamon Carr, erstwhile drummer with Horslips who gives a beautiful reading of Phil Lynott's 'Dublin' lyrics. Chiswick.

1.1 Head for the Sun (The Movement)
1.2 It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again (Taste)
1.3 I'm a King Bee (The King Bees)
1.4 6.10 Special (The Hootenannys)
1.5 Yes, I Need Someone (Eire Apparent)
1.6 Behind the Painted Screen (Andwella's Dream)
1.7 I'm Gonna Turn My Life Around (Peter Adler ; the Next in Line)
1.8 You Got What I Need (Mitch Mahon ; the Editions)
1.9 Gloria (Them)
1.10 Dublin (Thin Lizzy)
1.11 The Lady Wrestler (Horslips)
1.12 Turn Out the Light (The Creatures)
1.13 Morning Dew (Sugar Shack)
1.14 That's All Right (The Blues Aces)
1.15 Never An Everyday Thing (Granny's Intentions)
1.16 Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room (Orange Machine)
1.17 New Places, Old Faces (Skid Row)
1.18 You Turn Me on (The Turn-On Song) (Bluesville)

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