The Real Deal

The Real Deal: Fun

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Real Deal

Artist: The Real Deal
Title: Fun

Once in a while, a band comes along and changes the face of music. The Real Deal is indisputably NOT one of these bands, but, Hot Damn, they are fun to be around though! Their 2009 sophomore release, Fun, is a fitting name for the 12 tracks of what the band has come to brand as Party Punk. WARNING: exposure to the album may induce unexplainable binge drinking and spontaneous mosh pits. Warner.

1.1 A Day with Me
1.2 Better Change
1.3 Way Back Home
1.4 Rebels Chant
1.5 Without Argument
1.6 It's Paradise
1.7 Our Parking Lot
1.8 Judge a Book
1.9 Shut Your Mouth
1.10 Another 'Another Fuck You Song'
1.11 My So Called Life
1.12 Boddington Beer
1.13 [Untitled] [Bonus Track]

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