The Reatards

The Reatards: Teenage Hate/Fuck Elvis Heres The Reatards

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Reatards

Title: Teenage Hate/Fuck Elvis Heres The Reatards
Label: Goner Records

Deluxe edition of the debut album from Jay Reatard and Co. Including a bonus album of early tracks recorded on four-track and only ever released on cassettes. Teenage Hate/Fuck Elvis Here's The Reatards offers a glimpse into the Punk energy and rapidly developing raw talent of a teenage Reatard. Features covers of Fear, the Dead Boys, Lil' Bunnies, Buddy Holly, Johnny Vomit & the Dry Heaves... and the Beatles!

1.1 I'm So Gone
1.2 Stacye
1.3 I Love Living
1.4 When I Get Mad
1.5 C'mon Over
1.6 Out of My Head, Into My Bed
1.7 You Fucked Up My Dreams
1.8 It Ain't Me
1.9 Down in Flames
1.10 I Gotta Rock 'N' Roll
1.11 Memphis Blues
1.12 Quite All Right
1.13 Fashion Victim
1.14 Old News Baby
1.15 Not Good Enough for You
1.16 Ollie V
1.17 Not Your Man
1.18 I Can Live Without You
1.19 Black September
1.20 Chuck Taylors All Stars Blues
1.21 I Lie to
1.22 Memphis Blues
1.23 On the Go
1.24 Give It to Me
1.25 Carot Belly Bunny Blues
1.26 You Build Me Up Just to Bust Me Back Down
1.27 Your the One
1.28 When I Get Mad
1.29 Get the Fuck Outta My Home
1.30 You Build Me Up Just to Bust Me Back Down
1.31 You Ain't No Fun No Mo
1.32 I Lie to
1.33 Give It to Me
1.34 C Mon Over
1.35 Not Your Man
1.36 Your Old News Baby
1.37 Crazy Man
1.38 Action Woman
1.39 I'm Down

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