The Red Hot Chilli Pipers

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers: Blast: Live

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Title: Blast: Live
Label: Rel Records

There is an incredible richness and depth to the sound of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra when they come together to perform the 'slow airs'. Each tune appeals to the emotions of the heart, invoking deep feelings for the events, past and present, to which these tunes refer. Many of the works are composed and arranged by the late John Mason, MBE, the founder, principle conductor and musical director of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra and for that there can be no better tribute than to sit back, listen and enter into the spirit of this album.

1.1 Crooked Bridge
1.2 Jack and Barney's Chopsticks/La Boum
1.3 Celtic Bolero
1.4 Smoke on the Water/Thunderstruck/The Fourth Floor
1.5 Jazz Badger/The Lochaber Badger
1.6 Clocks
1.7 Pig Jigs/Price of the Pig
1.8 Hills of Argyll
1.9 Highland Cathedral
1.10 The Lost
1.11 You're the Voice/Chilli Time
1.12 Sexy Lexy/Lexy MacAskill
1.13 We Will Rock You/Eye of Tiger/Clumsy Lover
1.14 Rory McLeod/Molly's Jig/The Famous Baravan
1.15 Teardrop/Brenda Stubberts/I'll Give You Something to Cry for
1.16 Little Drummer Boy

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