The Residents

The Residents: In Between Dreams: Live In San Francisco

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Residents

Artist: The Residents
Title: In Between Dreams: Live In San Francisco

Captured in San Francisco during their 2018 world tour, The Residents - Tyrone, Eekie, Erkie and Cha-Cha - perform a suite of dream-themed songs, alongside offerings from their latest studio album, 'Metal, Meat and Bone'. Including classics such as 'Man's World', 'Jelly Jack', 'The Black Behind' and 'Tourniquet Of Roses' alongside fan favourites in 'Monkey Man', 'Mickey The Mumbling Midget' and suchlike, this CD and DVD set captures the sight and sound of the new-look four-piece group, lavishly attired in tribute to The Mysterious N Senada, their Bavarian mentor, following the stripped back Randy, Chuck and Bob era. Packaged in a sumptuous, all card presentation, "In Between Dreams - Live In San Francisco" is a perfect all-in-one tour souvenir, beginner's guide, home cinema extravaganza and Christmas gift for the elderly and infirm. Meanwhile, The Residents will present their next show, Dog Stab, worldwide in 2021, global circumstances allowing. Check www. Residents. com for the latest.

1.1 Jelly Jack The Boneless Boy
1.2 Mickey The Mumbling Midget
1.3 Baby Sister
1.4 The Black Behind
1.5 Monkey Man
1.6 It's A Man's Man's Man's World
1.7 Rushing Like A Banshee
1.8 Train Vs Elephant
1.9 From The Plains To Mexico
1.10 Africa Tree
1.11 Hungry Hound
1.12 Tell Me
1.13 Die! Die! Die!
1.14 Teddy Bear
1.15 Tourniquet Of Roses
2.1 Jelly Jack The Boneless Boy
2.2 Mickey The Mumbling Midget
2.3 Baby Sister
2.4 The Black Behind
2.5 Monkey Man
2.6 It's A Man's Man's Man's World
2.7 Rushing Like A Banshee
2.8 Train Vs Elephant
2.9 From The Plains To Mexico
2.10 Hungry Hound
2.11 Tell Me
2.12 Die! Die! Die!
2.13 Africa Tree
2.14 Teddy Bear
2.15 Tourniquet Of Roses
2.16 The Cowboy Waltz
2.17 Six More Miles To The Graveyard

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