The Rodriguez Brothers

The Rodriguez Brothers: Conversations

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Artist: The Rodriguez Brothers
Title: Conversations

The Rodriguez Brothers' music is an exciting new combination of contemporary Jazz harmony with an Afro-Cuban influences and can also be seen as a road map to that place where music's of several worlds meet and influence each other. The album also reflects the Rodriguez' family, background and life thus far and shows just why these young men have racked up such an impressive set of jazz credentials. This album brings trumpeter Michael Rodriguez, an important voice in jazz, his brother, Robert Rodriguez, a gifted pianist and composer together with seasoned veteran David Sanches in an inspired collaboration. The Brothers' unique blend of Latin and American jazz has been met with unbridled enthusiasm by fans and music greats alike. Their new Savant recording features all original compositions with a new take on an old favorite, "The Peanut Vendor", striking a rewarding balance between sophistication and pure musical joy.

1.1 Rowdy Rod
1.2 Guayaquil
1.3 Lerida
1.4 Rude Awakening
1.5 Spin
1.6 Intro to Conversations
1.7 Conversations
1.8 Midnight Excursion
1.9 El Manicero

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