The Royal Family & the Poor

The Royal Family & the Poor: We Love the Moon

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Product Type: CD

Artist: The Royal Family & the Poor
Title: We Love the Moon

LTM are pleased to announce a comprehensive program of CD reissues by The Royal Family & the Poor the cult avant-folk-noise collective overseen by reclusive Liverpudlian bard Michael Keane. Formed by Mike Keane & Arthur McDonald in 1978 the duo's early Situationist agenda saw them join Factory Records & appear on the Factory Quartet compilation in 1980. Another early member was Nathan McGough later manager of Happy Mondays. After 1981 the band consisted of Keane alone.

1.1 Visions
1.2 Sex Goddess
1.3 White Stains
1.4 Living Room Alchemy
1.5 Transparent
1.6 Transparent PT 2
1.7 Pagan Way
1.8 Heartbeat
1.9 We Love the Moon - Conspire (To Breathe Together)
1.10 Dogstar
1.11 We Love the Moon (7")
1.12 Someone Somewhere (Live)
1.13 Dream
1.14 Dominion
1.15 Art on 45

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