The Sadies

The Sadies: Pure Diamond Gold

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Sadies

Artist: The Sadies
Title: Pure Diamond Gold

Only the choicest cuts of surf, bluegrass, spaghetti western spookiness, garage punk, country murder ballads, and gospel from Toronto's genre-defying instrumental masters The Sadies. "Their dusty frontier soundtracks to westerns never made are as evocative as ever, but they're actually quite revved up placed next to the surf and jailhouse rock of guitarist Dallas Good." - EXCLAIM

1.1 16 Mile Creek
1.2 Rat Creek
1.3 It's Nothing to Me
1.4 Medicine Ball
1.5 Higher Power
1.6 Only Good One
1.7 Starling Auto
1.8 I Tried Not to
1.9 Reward of Gold
1.10 Talkin' Down
1.11 Friendly Devil
1.12 Spark Catcher
1.13 Eastwinds
1.14 Stinking Creek
1.15 Venison Creek
1.16 Walking Boss
1.17 Locust Eater
1.18 With a Splash
1.19 Cloud Rider
1.20 16 Mile Creek Breakdown

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