The Saints

The Saints: I'm Stranded

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Saints

Artist: The Saints
Title: I'm Stranded

2007 digitally remastered and expanded reissue of the Australian Punk band's 1977 debut album now featuring an additional eight bonus tracks featuring outtakes, B-sides and all four tracks from their One Two Three Four EP.. Never purposely fashionable, The Saints were Garage rockers caught up in the Punk scene, but their raw dirty sound fit perfectly into the Punk aesthetic.. This release is coinciding with a monumental occasion in Aussie musical history: The three surviving members of The Saints (Chris Bailey, Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay) are reuniting for a one-off historical performance in Brisbane in July of 2007. 18 tracks. EMI.

1.1 (I'm) Stranded
1.2 One Way Street
1.3 Wild About You
1.4 Messin' with the Kid
1.5 Erotic Neurotic
1.6 No Time
1.7 Kissin' Cousins
1.8 Story of Love
1.9 Demolition Girl
1.10 Nights in Venice
1.11 Untitled (Outtake from (I'm) Stranded) (Bonus Track)
1.12 This Perfect Day (Single Version) (Bonus Track)
1.13 L-I-E-S (Bonus Track)
1.14 Do the Robot (Bonus Track)
1.15 Lipstick on Your Collar (From the Ep One Two Three Four) (Bonus Track)
1.16 One Way Street (From the Ep One Two Three Four) (Bonus Track)
1.17 Demolition Girl (From the Ep One Two Three Four) (Bonus Track)
1.18 River Deep Mountain High (From the Ep One Two Three Four) (Bonus Track)

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