The Silent Planet: When The End Began

The Silent Planet: When The End Began
Title: When The End Began
Label: Solid State Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Silent Planet ?- When The End Began Produced by Will Putney, When the End Began captures the band's aggressive live sound while retaining their more exploratory ambient elements. Along with Garrett Russell's poignant lyrics, the band had a plethora of talent and skills to draw on for the new record. From the dynamic range of bassist Thomas Freckleton, to the progressive drumming of Alexrene Camarena and the diverse arrangements of primary song arc hitect and guitarist Mitchell Stark, Silent Planet has managed their most deliberate, cohesive effort to date. - Speaking to the new record, Silent Planet said, "We want to connect and grow. These song are our way of giving back to so many of those who have given to us. On tour, we've met people isolated by bigotry, marred by addiction, scarred by loss - these songs are for them and anyone else grappling with these situations."

1.1 Thus Spoke 2:14
1.2 The New Eternity 3:25
1.3 Northern Fires (Guernica) 3:54
1.4 Afterdusk 3:56
1.5 Visible Unseen 3:52
1.6 Look Outside Dream 1:31
1.7 Vanity of Sleep 4:09
2.1 In Absence 3:31
2.2 Share the Body 3:33
2.3 Firstborn (Yaaburnee) 5:08
2.4 Lower Empire 3:51
2.5 Look Inside Awake 1:37
2.6 The Anatomy of Time (Babel) 3:43
2.7 Depths III 3:46

The Silent Planet: When The End Began

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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