The Silos

The Silos: Come on Like the Fast Lane

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Silos

Title: Come on Like the Fast Lane
Label: Bloodshot Records

Come on Like the Fast Lane buzzes with rock energy reminiscent of the proto-punk lower East Side legends like the Velvet Underground and Television, punched up with pop melodies that resuscitates a sound that never went out of style. These new songs play out like minimalist short stories framed by the spacious, guitar heavy arrangements that band is known for. On their Bloodshot debut, The Silos put their power-trio to the test. The band employs layered guitars to add depth.

1.1 Behind Me Now
1.2 Fall on Your Knees
1.3 Tell Me You Love Me
1.4 I Won You Won
1.5 Keeping Score
1.6 People Are Right
1.7 Come on Like the Fast Lane
1.8 Top of the World
1.9 Days Gone By
1.10 Sunset Morning
1.11 Never Leaving
1.12 Out of Our Way
1.13 Kickass

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