The Skygreen Leopards

The Skygreen Leopards: Family Crimes

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Product Type: CD

Title: Family Crimes
Label: Woodsist

The Sky green Leopards' 2014 outing continues the group's tradition of skewed sunshine pop with lyrics focused on the bummer side of the eternal rock 'n' roll summer. Donovan Quinn (New Bums) and Glenn Donaldson sing and strum tales of real and imaginary companions, delivering impressionistic rants about losing love, getting high or feeling uncomfortable. They record and mix straight off a nice tape machine run by Jason Quever of Papercuts (who also plays in the band sometimes, along with Jasmyn Wong and Nick Marcantonio) and resist the temptation to use digital erasers, preferring to leave in the mistakes and rough edges. FAMILY CRIMES is the perfect expression of their patented brand of blemished pop.

1.1 Leave the Family
1.2 Love Is a Shadow
1.3 My Friends
1.4 WWIII Style
1.5 Is It Love, Love, Love?
1.6 Reno Wedding
1.7 It's Not Love
1.8 Crying Green ; Purple
1.9 Josephine
1.10 Mascara Priscilla
1.11 Selling T-Shirts
1.12 Garden Blue
1.13 Leave the Family Reprise
1.14 Suburban Bibles

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