The Slave: Original Album Series

The Slave: Original Album Series
Title: Original Album Series
Label: Warner Bros UK

Import only five CD box set containing a quintet of original albums from this Funk outfit: Just a Touch of Love, Show Time, Slave, the Concept and the Hardness of the World. Warner. 2010.

1.1 Slide
1.2 Screw Your Wig on Tite
1.3 Party Hardy
1.4 Son of Slide
1.5 You and Me
1.6 Love Me
1.7 The Happiest Days
1.8 Separated
2.1 Life Can Be Happy (LP Version)
2.2 The Great American Funk Song (LP Version)
2.3 Can't Get Enough of You (LP Version)
2.4 Baby Sinister (LP Version)
2.5 The World's on Hard (LP Version)
2.6 The Party Song (LP Version)
2.7 We Can Make Love (LP Version)
2.8 Volcano Rupture (LP Version)
3.1 Stellar Fungk (LP Version)
3.2 The Way You Love Is Heaven (LP Version)
3.3 Thank You Lord (LP Version)
3.4 Drac Is Back (LP Version)
3.5 We've Got Your Party (LP Version)
3.6 Just Freak (LP Version)
3.7 Coming Soon (LP Version)
4.1 Just a Touch of Love (Album Version)
4.2 Are You Ready for Love (Album Version)
4.3 Funky Lady [Foxy Lady] (Album Version)
4.4 Roots (Album Version)
4.5 Painted Pictures (Album Version)
4.6 Thank You (Album Version)
4.7 Shine (Album Version)
4.8 Warning (Album Version)
5.1 Let's Spend Some Time
5.2 Feel My Love
5.3 Starting Over
5.4 Sizzlin' Hot
5.5 Watching You
5.6 Dreamin'
5.7 Never Get Away
5.8 Stone Jam

The Slave: Original Album Series

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