The Solarflares: Psychedelic Tantrum

The Solarflares: Psychedelic Tantrum
Title: Psychedelic Tantrum
Label: Damaged Goods
Product Type: VINYL LP

Britpop? Monged out berks in kagouls peddling poor rehashes of Rutles tunes and/or a lone JB beat? *blows raspberry* Meanwhile, down in Kent, 'tween 1999 and 2003, much more interesting tuneage was afoot. Former Prisoners / Prime Movers cohorts The Solarflares had further distilled the myriad pleasures of hard-edged, soulful 60s beat-psych, powerhouse guitar/organ instrumentals, and world class (but never wanky) riffage into a classy package, replete with memorable, groove-heavy tunes with knockout harmonies and that big, bad beat. It's fair to say that messrs Graham Day (guitar, vocals), Allan Crockford (bass, vocals), Wolf Howard (drums, vocals) and, latterly, Parsley (organ, vocals) deserve more acclaim, even from diehard fans of The Prisoners and their many other combos, which is where these three most welcome reissues come in... "Psychedelic Tantrum", originally issued by Anglo-German label Twist in 1999, is an invigorating, intoxicating mix of suss and strut, hitting yer lugholes running with the searing "Mary" and running through the dancefloor-friendly instro "Apollo Go-Go" to the tripped-out "Shadow of the Past" and a mighty take on The Misunderstood's "Find a Hidden Door". To say it's quite a debut is a bit of an understatement, and as with the rest of their output, it sounds gloriously rich and timeless, like it could have been recorded at any point since late-1966

1.1 Mary
1.2 Stargazing
1.3 Apollo Go Go
1.4 Lifetime in One Season
1.5 All Too Much
1.6 Medway
1.7 Just Wanna Be Bad
1.8 Out of Our Minds
1.9 The Shadow of the Past
1.10 Find a Hidden Door
1.11 You Always Find a Way to Hurt Me
1.12 Brompton Lane
1.13 Medicine Spoon
1.14 Hold Your Head Up

The Solarflares: Psychedelic Tantrum

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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