The Spook School: Try to Be Hopeful

The Spook School: Try to Be Hopeful
Title: Try to Be Hopeful
Label: Fortuna Pop

Gatefold CD / Heavy Black & White Col Gatefold LP. Since forming in 2012 they've become increasingly involved with the DIY queer punk scene. Citing influences including Buzzcocks, T-Rex and C86, the new album is louder, bolder, fuller-sounding and captures more of their live sound-aided and abetted by producer MJ of Hookworms. They have toured the US, where they became the subject of a Rolling Stone documentary. Lyrically, it's more direct than their debut, exploring issues around gender and identity. Songwriting is split between all 4 members, giving a different perspective and energy to each song.. Perhaps the standout track is "Binary", a song about questioning gender norms, something that Nye's experience of coming out as being trans has forced him to think about..'I'm so proud and fortunate to know quite a few amazing people who openly identify as non-binary, gender queer or other non-binary identities - they exist in the world on their own terms and consistently challenge something that so many people just take as read'. This song has quickly become a live favorite, prompting massed choruses of the I am bigger than a hexadecimal line. Try To Be Hopeful is the sound of a band growing up, embracing their identities, and taking charge at the world. The Spook School are the shot of optimism we've been hoping for. LIVE: 11th Sept Bristol; 12th Cardiff, 19th Newcastle, 23rd Edinburgh, 2nd Oct London, 17th A Carefully Planned Festival, Manchester.

1.1 Burn Masculinity
1.2 Richard and Judy
1.3 Friday Night
1.4 Speak When You're Spoken to
1.5 August 17th
1.6 Everybody Needs to Be in Love
1.7 Vicious Machine
1.8 I Want to Kiss You
1.9 Books and Hooks and Movements
1.10 Binary
1.11 Try to Be Hopeful

The Spook School: Try to Be Hopeful

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