The Stained Glass

The Stained Glass: Scene in Between 1965 - 1967

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Product Type: CD

Artist: The Stained Glass
Title: Scene in Between 1965 - 1967

UK collection. The Nuggets from the Golden State series is proud to pay tribute to one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most notable combos, the exceptional Stained Glass, with their first-ever anthology - A Scene In-Between 1965-67. Features 24 tracks. Big Beat.

1.1 Walkin' Shoes
1.2 She's Not Right)
1.3 How Do You Expect Me to Trust You
1.4 No Rhyme or Reason
1.5 Sweeter Than Life
1.6 Such Good Friends
1.7 Broken Man
1.8 Lonely Am I
1.9 If I Needed Someone
1.10 My Buddy Sin
1.11 Vanity Fair
1.12 Revenge Is Sweet
1.13 We Got a Long Way to Go
1.14 Inside Ouch
1.15 Too Fit to Be Tied Demo
1.16 Dollar Sign Friends Demo
1.17 Second Day Demo
1.18 Bubble Machine)
1.19 Mediocre Me
1.20 A Scene In-Between
1.21 Mr Martyr
1.22 You Keep Me Hangin' on Live
1.23 My Flash on You Live
1.24 2120 S. Michigan Avenue Live

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