The Staple Singers

The Staple Singers: First Family Of Gospel 1953-1961

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Artist: The Staple Singers
Title: First Family Of Gospel 1953-1961

The Staple Singers are perhaps best remembered for their period recording for Stax Records in Memphis between 1968 and 1975, where they enjoyed a string of pop, soul and international hits. Here though Jasmine focus on the groups early recordings when they were strictly a religious group steeped in American Gospel traditions. Although the line-up was unusual for the time, male and female groups were not common in Gospel music then, they undoubtedly appealed to the huge number of migrants who had moved to Chicago from the rural south. 'Pops', as he was known, had a guitar style highly reminiscent of the Mississippi blues singers of the 1920s and 30s and the vocal arrangements that he gave the girls were also similar to those of the earliest jubilee style gospel groups of the pre-war years like the Golden Gate Quartet and The Charioteers. Here then are their famous early recordings as released by Vee Jay Records who continued to reissue their repertoire on LP for many years.

1.1 Won't You Sit Down
1.2 It Rained Children
1.3 If I Could Hear My Mother
1.4 God's Wonderful Love
1.5 Uncloudy Day
1.6 I Know I Got Religion
1.7 Let Me Ride
1.8 I'm Coming Home (Parts 1 ; 2)
1.9 Since He Lightened My Heavy Load
1.10 Low Is the Way
1.11 Help Me Jesus
1.12 I Had a Dream
1.13 Low Is the Way (1958 Vee-Jay Version)
1.14 On My Way to Heaven
1.15 So Soon
1.16 Downward Road
1.17 This May Be My Last Time
1.18 This Same Jesus
1.19 Will the Circle Be Unbroken
1.20 Don't Drive Me Away
1.21 Pray on
1.22 Too Close
1.23 Don't Knock
1.24 I've Been Scorned
1.25 Swing Low
1.26 Sit Down Servant

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