The Story So Far

The Story So Far: Proper Dose

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Product Type: CD

Title: Proper Dose
Label: Pure Noise

2018 release, the fourth album from the Bay Area pop punk outfit. Under Soil and Dirt (2011), What You Don't See (2013), and The Story So Far (2015) have all been described as pop punk. The Story So Far has also been described as having an "edgier" take on pop punk, due to their frequent incorporation of hardcre punk and punk rock elements in their music.

1.1 Proper Dose
1.2 Keep This Up
1.3 Out of It
1.4 Take Me As You Pleae
1.5 Let It Go
1.6 Upside Down
1.7 If I Fall
1.8 Need to Know
1.9 Line
1.10 Growing on You
1.11 Light Year

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