The Strange Boys

The Strange Boys: Be Brave

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Be Brave
Label: In the Red Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Like it or not, The Strange Boys are probably both younger and more accomplished than you. Since the band's humble beginnings as a duo in 2003, they've shared stages with the likes of Roky Erickson, Daniel Johnston, and Black Lips, leaving a smattering of singles, EPs, and CDR's in their wake. The band's full-length debut, And Girls Club, wound up on countless best-of-2009 lists and landed them a record deal (outside North America) with Rough Trade. Now, the Boys kick off 2010 with their follow-up, Be Brave, and it's guaranteed to please any and all who appreciate an infectious mix of ramshackle garage rock, polished Village Green-era Kinks melodies, and vocals that suggest a young Bob Dylan had he spent more of his formative years in juvenile halls than coffeehouses. And who can't dig that?

1.1 I See
1.2 A Walk on the Bleach
1.3 Be Brave
1.4 Friday in Paris
1.5 Between Us
1.6 Da Da
1.7 Night Might
1.8 Dare I Say
1.9 Laugh at Sex, Not Her
1.10 All You Can Hide Inside
1.11 The Unsent Letter
1.12 You Can't Only Love When You Want to

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