The Style Council

The Style Council: Collection

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Product Type: CD

Artist: The Style Council
Title: Collection

Import only compilation featuring 18 tracks including, 'You're the Best Thing', 'Shout to the Top', 'My Ever Changing Moods', 'Head start for Happiness' and many more! Universal. Guitarist/vocalist Paul Weller broke up the Jam, the most popular British band of the early '80s, at the height of their success in 1982 because he was dissatisfied with their musical direction. Weller wanted to incorporate more elements of soul, R&B, and jazz into his songwriting, which is something he felt his punk-oriented bandmates were incapable of performing. In order to pursue this musical direction, he teamed up in 1983 with keyboardist Mick Talbot, a former member of the mod revival band the Merton Parkas. Together, Weller and Talbot became The Style Council - other musicians were added according to what kind of music the duo were performing. With The Style Council, the underlying intellectual pretensions that ran throughout Weller's music came to the forefront. Spectrum.

1.1 You're the Best Thing
1.2 Shout to the Top
1.3 My Ever Changing Moods
1.4 The Whole Point of No Return
1.5 Headstart for Happiness
1.6 A Stones Throw Away
1.7 Blood Sports
1.8 It's a Very Deep Sea
1.9 The Paris Match
1.10 Changing of the Guard
1.11 Luck
1.12 The Boy Who Cried Wolf
1.13 Heres One That Got Away
1.14 All Gone Away
1.15 When You Call Me
1.16 A Casual Affair
1.17 Long Hot Summer
1.18 A Solid Bond in Your Heart

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