The Three O'Clock

The Three O'Clock: The Hidden World Revealed

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Product Type: CD

Title: The Hidden World Revealed
Label: Omnivore Recordings

2013 collection from the L.A.-based band, one of the leaders of the Paisley Underground scene in the early '80s. The Hidden World Revealed is a 20-track collection from the years 1981-1986. In addition to hits from their tenure on Frontier Records like 'Jet Fighter' and 'With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend,' the CD features rare singles, demos and alternate takes/mixes. It helps tell the story of where the band started (as the Salvation Army) and what they would achieve - recording for major labels and opening for bands like R.E.M. on national tours. It's quite a trip.

1.1 All in Good Time
1.2 With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend
1.3 In Love in Too
1.4 Stupid Einstein
1.5 Lucifer Sam
1.6 Rodney on the Roq Commercial
1.7 Jet Fighter
1.8 When Lightening Starts [Alternate Version] [Version]
1.9 Sound Surrounds [Demo Version]
1.10 Around the World
1.11 On My Own [With Strings] [Version]
1.12 I Go Wild [Alternate Version] [Version]
1.13 In My Own Time [Alternate Version]
1.14 Why Cream Curdles in Orange Tea
1.15 A Day in Erotica [Alternate Version] [Version]
1.16 Jennifer Only [Home Demo] [Demo Version]
1.17 The Girl with the Guitar (Says Oh Yeah) [Demo Version]
1.18 Seeing Is Believing
1.19 Regina Caeli
1.20 Feel a Whole Lot Better

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