The Tim Version

The Tim Version: Ordinary Life

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Tim Version

Title: Ordinary Life
Label: No Idea Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Tim Version's love for the Replacements is no secret. Not only does the Florida band's name seem to reference the Replacements' album Tim, the group has appeared on a Replacements tribute album. But there's more than Paul Westerberg worship happening on The Tim Version's new album, Ordinary Life. Equally reminiscent of the grizzled twang of Lucero and the tattered anthems of Against Me!, Ordinary Life is a raucous yet brooding document of rootsy punk, best heard on the tear-stained, bittersweet track 'Funny Movies,' which is being debuted here. The Replacements influence is faint, but there's no denying The Tim Version is achin' to be as smart, spirited, and shambolic as it's hero."-AV CLUB. First pressing on colored vinyl with bonus 7-inch.

1.1 For the Birds
1.2 Hello, Waterface
1.3 A Dream About Dean's Dream
1.4 Holidays and Birfdays
1.5 Funny Movies
1.6 The Future of Humanity Is Dogs
1.7 Plague Dogs
1.8 Men of Compromise
1.9 Red Wine Party
1.10 The Yuckface Symbol
1.11 Die in Yer Sleep
1.12 Fish Oar Die

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