The V

The V: Simply Buddhist Meditation

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Artist: The V

Artist: The V
Title: Simply Buddhist Meditation

2010 two CD collection. Music has been used as an aid to meditation since the dawn of time. Buddhists believe that the daily practice of meditation will make them more calm, controlled and self-aware. This set of peaceful meditation music will help you to survive the stresses and strains of our frenetic 21st Century lifestyles. Simply.

1.1 Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
1.2 Aria of Wondrous Elixir
1.3 Verse of Merit-Transfer
1.4 The Greatest Six-Word Brilliant Dharani
1.5 Eulogy of Kuan-Yin'suniversal Creed
1.6 The Scripture of Repentance

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