The Verve: Urban Hymns

The Verve: Urban Hymns
Title: Urban Hymns
Label: Virgin Records Us

Super deluxe five CD + DVD edition features the remastered album, B-sides, unreleased live tracks and BBC sessions, a full live performance, promo videos and more. 56 page hardcover book, five postcards, and a poster are included as well. Urban Hymns is the third studio album by The Verve, originally released in September, 1997. It earned unanimous critical praise upon it's release, selling over 10 million copies worldwide. Features the singles 'Bitter Sweet Symphony', 'Lucky Man' and 'The Drugs Don't Work'. The critical and commercial success of the album saw the band win two Brit Awards in 1998, including Best British Group, and appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in March 1999. Bitter Sweet Symphony was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song.

1.1 Bitter Swee Symphony
1.2 Sonnet
1.3 The Rolling People
1.4 The Drug Don't Work
1.5 Catching the Butterfly
1.6 Neon Wilderness
1.7 Space and Time
1.8 Weeping Willow
1.9 Lucky Man
1.10 One Day
1.11 This Time
1.12 Velvet Morning
1.13 Come on
2.1 Oh Lord I Guess I'll Never Know
2.2 Country Song
2.3 Bitter Sweet Symphony
2.4 So Sister
2.5 Echo Bass
2.6 Three Steps
2.7 The Drugs Dont't Work
2.8 The Crab
2.9 Stamped
2.10 Never Wanna See You Cry
2.11 (Bitter Sweet Symphony) MSG
2.12 The Longest Day
2.13 Lucky Man (Happiness More or Less)
3.1 Bitter Sweet Symphony
3.2 This Could Be My Moment
3.3 Monte Carlo
3.4 Life's An Ocean
3.5 A Man Called Sun
3.6 The Drugs Don't Work
3.7 On Your Own
3.8 So Sister
4.1 This Is Music
4.2 Space and Time
4.3 Catching the Butterfly
4.4 Sonnet
4.5 The Rolling People
4.6 Neon Wilderness
4.7 Weeping Willow
4.8 The Drugs Don't Work
4.9 Lucky Man
4.10 Life's An Ocean
4.11 Velvet Morning
4.12 Bittersweet Symphony
5.1 One Day
5.2 History
5.3 Come on
5.4 A New Decade
5.5 The Rolling People
5.6 On Your Own
5.7 History
5.8 The Drugs Don't Work
5.9 Slide Away
5.10 A Man Called Sun
5.11 A Northern Soul
5.12 Space and Time
5.13 This Is Music [Manchester Academy, 11/08/97
5.14 Weeping Willow
5.15 Stormy Clouds (And Reprise)

The Verve: Urban Hymns

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