The Vibrators

The Vibrators: Punk Mania - Back To The Roots

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Artist: The Vibrators

Artist: The Vibrators
Title: Punk Mania - Back To The Roots
Product Type: VINYL LP

UK legends punk out with their junk out on this brand new studio album that finds Knox, Eddie & Co. Going back to their rebellious roots with razor sharp riffs, pounding percussion, and rousing songs!Check out the infectious rockers "Blackout," "Love Like Diamonds," and "Wish I Had A Gun!"

1.1 Retard
1.2 Blackout
1.3 Love Like Diamonds
1.4 No Sweat
1.5 Bleed to Death
1.6 The Ohio
1.7 She's a Girl
1.8 Rats
1.9 Turn the Radio on
1.10 Harness
1.11 Just Be True
1.12 The Other Foot
1.13 Wish I Had a Gun
1.14 Fix

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