The Warlocks

The Warlocks: Skull Worship

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Artist: The Warlocks

Artist: The Warlocks
Title: Skull Worship

2013 release, the eighth album from the LA-based band. Recorded over a two year period, Skull Worship finds the band constructing a dense, more elaborate web of sound, layers of distortion and the occasional synth a la Silver Apples and Red Crayola. Silver & Plastic expands the band's oeuvre into acoustic territory recalling T Rex. Other songs like 'Endless Drops' turn to Hawkwind, Neu! And experimental rock for inspiration.

1.1 Dead Generation
1.2 Chameleon
1.3 Endless Drops
1.4 Silver ; Plastic
1.5 He Looks Good in Space
1.6 You've Changed
1.7 It's a Hard Fall
1.8 Eyes Jam

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