The Weavers

The Weavers: Hard Ain't It Hard: The Weavers Greatest Songs

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Artist: The Weavers

Artist: The Weavers
Title: Hard Ain't It Hard: The Weavers Greatest Songs

The Weavers had perhaps the most extraordinary musical pedigree of any group in the history of folk or popular music. The quartet went from being embraced by the public, (selling over four million records), to being reviled and rejected over the political backgrounds of it's members, and disbanding after only four years together. Yet, despite the controversy that surrounded them, and the fact that their work was interrupted at it's peak, the Weavers managed to alter popular culture in about as profound a manner as any artist this side of Bob Dylan.

1.1 Goodnight Irene
1.2 On Top of Old Smoky
1.3 So Long It's Been Good to Know Yuh
1.4 Around the Corner (Beneath the Berry Tree)
1.5 The Roving Kind
1.6 Wimoweh
1.7 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
1.8 When the Saints Go Marching in
1.9 Sylvie
1.10 Midnight Special
1.11 The Wreck of the John B
1.12 Old Paint (Ride Around Little Doggies)
1.13 Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
1.14 Rock Island Line
1.15 Lonesome Traveler
1.16 Suliram
1.17 Bay of Mexico
1.18 I Know Where I'm Going
1.19 A Long the Colorado Trail
1.20 Greensleeves
1.21 Hush Little Baby
1.22 Hard Ain't It Hard

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