The Whatnauts

The Whatnauts: Best Of The Whatnauts

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Artist: The Whatnauts

Artist: The Whatnauts
Title: Best Of The Whatnauts

Incredible work from The Whatnauts - easily one of our favorite soul vocal groups ever! The trio work in the same sweet soul modes as more famous early 70s contemporaries on the east coast scene - like The Delfonics or Stylstics - but they've also got a special approach that's quite unique - sometimes more heartbreaking than just about any other group we can think of, but also sometimes a bit more tough, too - almost as if they're able to get in touch with all their emotional spectrum with effortless ease, and serve it up in a way that's completely unfettered from any too-commercial modes! They can blow us away on late nite ballads, then turn around and hit us over the head with deep harmonies on funky cuts too - all produced with a nice raw edge during their important years on the Stang/All-Platinum New Jersey soul label. This set brings together most of their best tracks from that time - including "Just Can't Lose Your Love", "I'll Erase Away Your Pain", "Blues Fly Away", "Try Me", "I Dig Your Act", "Soulwalking", "Let Me Be That Special One", "Why Can't People Be Colors Too", "Message From A Black Man", "Give Him Up", "Just Can't Leave My Baby", "I'm So Glad I Found You", "She's Gone To Another", "Tweedly Dum Dum", and "You Gave Me True Loving".

1.1 I Just Can't Lose Your Love
1.2 Tweedly Dum Dum
1.3 She's Gone to Another
1.4 What's Left to Give (After Giving It All)
1.5 Message from a Black Man
1.6 Just Can't Leave My Baby
1.7 I'll Erase Away Your Pain
1.8 Please Make the Love Go Away
1.9 Try Me (And I'll Show You)
1.10 Friends By Day (Lovers By Night)
1.11 Alibis and Lies
1.12 I Dig Your Act
1.13 You Gave Me True Loving
1.14 We Will Always Be Together
1.15 My Thing
1.16 You Forget Too Easy
1.17 Hurry Up and Wait
1.18 I'm So Glad I Found You with Linda Jones
1.19 Blues Fly Away
1.20 Why Cant People Be Colors Too?
1.21 Let Me That Special One
1.22 Girls
1.23 Soulwalking
2.1 Genuine- Unreleased Stang
2.2 Give Him Up - GSF 1973
2.3 I Wasn't There - GSF 1973
2.4 Instigating (Trouble Making Fool) - GSF 1973
2.5 I Can't Stand to See You Cry - GSF 1973
2.6 Help Is on the Way - Harlem International 1981
2.7 Help Is on the Way - Harlem International 1981 [Instrume
2.8 Still I'll Rise - Pic Hit 1983
2.9 Still I'll Rise, Pt. 2 - Pic Hit 1983
2.10 All I Need - Pic Hit 1984
2.11 Party on - Pic Hit 1984
2.12 This Is It - Pic Hit 1984
2.13 Girls - Stang 1975
2.14 Strolling - Unreleased Stang

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