The Whigs

The Whigs: Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Whigs

Artist: The Whigs
Title: Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip

The Whigs are a fiery, young and timelessly tuneful rock trio from Athens, Georgia. They now release their debut album, GIVE EM ALL A FAT LIP, which mixes nineties indie rock with sixties pop craftsmanship and southern-rock twang.

1.1 Nothing Is Easy
1.2 Can't Hear You Coming
1.3 Technology
1.4 Written Inviatation
1.5 Don't Talk Anymore
1.6 Violet Furs
1.7 Half the World Away
1.8 O.K, Alright
1.9 Say Hello
1.10 Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip
1.11 All My Banks

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