The Who: Quadrophenia: Live in London

The Who: Quadrophenia: Live in London
Title: Quadrophenia: Live in London
Label: Ume

Limited Collector's Edition includes the High Definition Blu-ray and standard DVD of the concert film, both in 5.1 Surround Sound audio; a two CD soundtrack of the show; and for the first time, a 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the entire 1973 album release of QUADROPHENIA on a Blu-ray Audio Disc. Extras include a mod headlight sticker, a mod headlight button, and a book with liner notes and photos, all housed in a 10' metal container embossed with the movie-inspired, iconic, Mod bullseye logo painted on a Vespa SG scooter headlight.. in 2012-13, The Who embarked on the Quadrophenia And More Tour, performing their landmark Rock Opera in it's entirety, marking the 40th anniversary of the original 1973 release of this double-album masterpiece. The critically acclaimed and highly successful tour closed at London's Wembley Arena, with the cameras rolling, to record the closing night of this historic anniversary tour. Filmed on July 8, 2013, QUADROPHENIA: LIVE IN LONDON features The Who in peak form, performing Quadrophenia from front to back, in it's entirety, plus a special set of some of their all-time greatest hits.

1.1 I Am the Sea
1.2 The Real Me
1.3 Quadrophenia
1.4 Cut My Hair
1.5 The Punk and the Godfather
1.6 I'm One
1.7 The Dirty Jobs
1.8 Helpless Dancer
1.9 Is It in My Head?
1.10 I've Had Enough
1.11 5:15
1.12 Sea and Sand
1.13 Drowned
1.14 Bell Boy
1.15 Doctor Jimmy
1.16 The Rock
1.17 Love Reign Oer Me
1.18 Who Are You
1.19 You Better You Bet
1.20 Pinball Wizard
1.21 Baba Oriley
1.22 Won't Get Fooled Again
1.23 Tea ; Theatre

The Who: Quadrophenia: Live in London

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