The Who

The Who: Tommy (remastered)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Who

Artist: The Who
Title: Tommy (remastered)

Tommy re-emerges in a sonically brilliant, digitally remixed/remastered reissue produced by Jon Astley (who produced the acclaimed Live at Leeds and Who's Next reissues) under the personal supervision of Pete Townshend. Also features complete libretto, new liner notes, new graphics and a reproduction of the art deco program cover from the band's historic Metropolitan Opera House performance printed on the CD itself.

1.1 Overture
1.2 It's a Boy
1.3 1921
1.4 Amazing Journey
1.5 Sparks
1.6 Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker)
1.7 Christmas
1.8 Cousin Kevin
1.9 The Acid Queen
1.10 Underture
1.11 Do You Think It's Alright?
1.12 Fiddle About
1.13 Pinball Wizard
1.14 There's a Doctor
1.15 Go to the Mirror!
1.16 Tommy Can You Hear Me?
1.17 Smash the Mirror
1.18 Sensation
1.19 Miracle Cure
1.20 Sally Simpson
1.21 I'm Free
1.22 Welcome
1.23 Tommy's Holiday Camp
1.24 We're Not Gonna Take It

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