Wild: Dreams Are Maps

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Artist: Wild

Artist: Wild
Title: Dreams Are Maps
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, these guys and gal have been touring the world the past few years spreading their goodness to the masses. After a slew of 7 inches and splits and a successful debut release (Set Ourselves Free) their follow up full length will surely impress. Produced by Against Me's Laura Jane Grace, the band holed up in her studio for a few weeks last winter and the result is their best material yet. Songs with a message and a soul will have fans and new recruits singing along instantly.

1.1 There's a Darknes (But There's Also a Light)
1.2 New Houses
1.3 Dreams Are Maps
1.4 A Better Life in New Bedford
1.5 Riverside
1.6 Songs By Heart
1.7 Cut from the Cloth
1.8 Five Senses (Everything Will Change)
1.9 Places We've Never Been
1.10 Come Home

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