The Yawpers: American Man

The Yawpers: American Man
Title: American Man
Label: Bloodshot Records

American Man from Denver's The Yawpers taps into the disparate, murky pools of the American musical lexicon; dark country to kinetic punk, acid blues to flared jeans boogie, low-brow backdrops pitted against high-minded literary references. It's an edgy, engrossing trip. "Populist lyrical themes of golden era folk-Americana are contrasted beautifully against the majestic rhythms of heavy metal and punk." - NO DEPRESSION

1.1 Doing It Right
1.2 American Man
1.3 Burdens
1.4 Tied
1.5 Deacon Brodie
1.6 Faith and Good Judgement
1.7 9 to 5
1.8 Walter
1.9 Beale Street
1.10 Kiss It
1.11 3 A.M
1.12 The Desert

The Yawpers: American Man

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