The Young Sinclairs

The Young Sinclairs: Change Your Mind / Once or Twice

$7.36 $8.98

Artist: The Young Sinclairs
Title: Change Your Mind / Once or Twice
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Hot on the heels of their new album on Ample Play comes a new single from The Young Sinclairs! This top-notch two-sider finds the Roanoke, Virginia- based group in peak form as they display their signature sound: A mixture of jangly folk rock diffused through a prism of paisley pop, and accentuated at times by garage, power pop and mod moves. The key equation to their sound is thoroughly demonstrated on the a side of this single, a jangly Byrdsian folk rock song with spot-on vocal harmonies, steeped heavily in the pot of Rain Parade-style paisley underground pop. On the flipside, the group adds thick dollops of power pop to this mixture, rounding out what rest assured is a single to stay in constant rotation on turntables everywhere! "Beautiful 60's-inspired folk-pop" - Carrie Quartly, Louder Than War "A band with an impressive ability to evoke the music of the masters without coming across as derivative" - Nathan Ford, the Active Listener "If the 70's perfect power-pop bands actually existed in the 60's they might hope to sound like these new mad mod modulators"


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