Thelma Jones

Thelma Jones: Second Chance-The Complete Barry! and Columbia Recordings

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Artist: Thelma Jones

Artist: Thelma Jones
Title: Second Chance-The Complete Barry! and Columbia Recordings

Second Chance offers full proof that all that prevented Thelma Jones from becoming a full fledged Soul superstar was bad luck. Just as her record the House That Jack Built was shaping up to be massive in 1968, Aretha Franklin covered it and had the hit that should have been Thelma's. Despite having a radio hit with the well-remembered 'Salty Tears' in 1976, she found herself swimming against the tide of Disco and was unable to place any of her Columbia recordings on the charts. But what Thelma lacked in chart presence she more than made up for in soul - and here's all the proof you will ever need of that. Writers and producers here that will excite all true soul fans include Sam Dees, Teddy Randazzo, Robert Banks, Bert de Coteaux and many more top-tier talents who were only too happy to bring something to the table for Thelma Jones.

1.1 Stronger
1.2 Never Leave Me
1.3 Gotta Find a Way
1.4 Oh - Oh, Here Comes the Heartbreak
1.5 Souvenirs of a Heartbreak (Previously Unissued Alternate Take of Barry 1018)
1.6 I Won't Give Up My Man (Previously Unissued Alternate Take of Barry 1018)
1.7 The House That Jack Built
1.8 Give It to Me Straight
1.9 Second Chance
1.10 Mr. Fix-It
1.11 Salty Tears
1.12 You're the Song (That I Can't Stop Singing)
1.13 I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Ove
1.14 Love, Look What You Got Me Into
1.15 Lonely, Enough to Try Anything
1.16 I Want What You Want
1.17 I Second That Emotion
1.18 I Can Dream
1.19 Now That We Found Love
1.20 Angel of the Morning
1.21 How Long
1.22 Stay a While with Me

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