Thirsty Moon

Thirsty Moon: Lunar Orbit: Live at Stagge's Hotel 1976

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Thirsty Moon

Title: Lunar Orbit: Live at Stagge's Hotel 1976
Label: Sireena Records

Thirsty Moon was one of the most successful groups of the so-called Krautrock scene in the seventies. The band released their albums both on legendary Brain Records and on Sky Records then. Here is a missing and reappeared recording of a concert at Stagge's Hotel in 1976. The band played a lot of concerts in this time and impressed critics and audiences with the Rock music, influenced by newer forms of Jazz, forms of collective improvisation.. "(Südwest Funk).

1.1 Cloudy Sky
1.2 Rainbow
1.3 Riding in the Rain
1.4 Music
1.5 Dreaming
1.6 S Dwind
1.7 Crickets Don't Cry
1.8 Lord of Lightning
1.9 Third Stone from the Sun

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