This Gift Is a Curse

This Gift Is a Curse: I Guilt Bearer

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: This Gift Is a Curse
Title: I Guilt Bearer
Product Type: VINYL LP

2012 debut full length from the Swedish band. Where their self-titled EP (2010) showcased a great band with huge potential, I, Guilt Bearer bears witness of a band that has improved in every aspect of their very being. The songwriting has peaked, pinpointing the details and fusing the whole. The performance is flawless, displaying every shade of emotion of the bands creative process. The production is totally transparent, perfectly suited for This Gift is a Curse. Hailing from Stockholm, the band play a combination of hardcore and sludge with great influences from both the occult black metal-scene as well as drone soundscapes. Spanning from slow, epic sections to faster, energetic parts, the songs show a great diversity in both musicianship and creativity.

1.1 The Swarm
1.2 Inferno Ad
1.3 Att Hata Allt Mänskligt LIV
1.4 The Crossing
1.5 Deciever
1.6 1901
1.7 Head and Arms
1.8 The Sound of Broken Bells
1.9 I Will Swallow All Light

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