This Will Destroy You: New Others Part Two

This Will Destroy You: New Others Part Two
Title: New Others Part Two
Label: Dark Operative Recs
Product Type: VINYL LP

Surprise! New Others Part Two is the unexpected sixth studio album from This Will Destroy You. By the time you're seeing this, the album has already been spotted on the band's merch table on the first date of their North American tour, Spotify and Apple Music users received new release notifications out of nowhere, journalists are scrambling to play catchup, and RevDistribution is already packing orders for stores and distributors worldwide.Like New Others Part One (released on September 28) this album was also produced, engineered, and mixed by John Congleton, the man responsible for the sound of the band's wildly popular sophomore Self-Titled album of ten years ago. Now comprised of core members Jeremy Galindo and Christopher King with the addition of drummer Robi Gonzalez, New Others Part Two continues in the band's new tradition of a familiar, but evolved ethos wherein the memorable melodic component present in their early work once again soars atop progressive sonic territories for the band and listener alike. Physical copies of the LP feature the artwork and photography of band member Christopher King. Inside, purchasers will find a highly unusual extra insert featuring a QR code that will certainly take the bold on a journey involving their browser, their phone, and their full capacity for the esoteric.MARKETING / SELLING POINTS * Pressed on multiple random colored vinyl * Full North American large capacity headlining tour runs Oct. 16 - Nov. 17, 2018 * Singapore, Thailand, Hong King, and China tour runs Dec. 7 - Dec. 15, 2018 * Physical billboard campaign all over Los Angeles, CA * 1-800 number established for supplemental messaging and album promotion* Official Spotify and Apple Music playlist inclusion will supplement all physical retail efforts and promotion * Press campaign administered by Earsplit PR * Prior synch history across film, television, advertising, and web is extensive and proven * Current top ten songs on Spotify alone top well over 50, 000, 000 playsFOR FANS OF MOGWAI SIGUR ROS EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY

1.1 Sound of Your Death
1.2 Lie Down in the Light
1.3 Clubs
1.4 Jesse Ray
1.5 Cascade
1.6 New Promise Land Inc
1.7 Provoke

This Will Destroy You: New Others Part Two

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