Thor: Electric Eyes

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Artist: Thor

Artist: Thor
Title: Electric Eyes

Archive release, a gift from the metal gods! The unreleased album from metal heroes Thor recorded in 1979 as a follow-up to their blockbuster debut Keep The Dogs Away! Never before heard recordings that bridge the gap between Thor's glam rock beginnings and his later evolution into full heavy metal in the early '80s! Original cover art by comic book artist, Ken Landgraf, who has worked for both DC and Marvel.

1.1 Special Flight
1.2 She's a Fancy Lady
1.3 Interception
1.4 Wild Thing
1.5 Electric Eyes
1.6 Twitch (Let's Go)
1.7 Storm
1.8 Poison
1.9 The Door (Face Behind My Mask)
1.10 Gladiator Romp

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