Thor: Metal Avenger

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Artist: Thor

Artist: Thor
Title: Metal Avenger
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl pressing of the killer 2015 comeback album for metal legend, Thor! Joining Thor on this epic recording is a slew of luminaries from both the rock and punk world including Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Fast Eddie Clarke (Motörhead), Cheetah Chrome (The Dead Boys), Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister) and many more!

1.1 Out of Control Feat. Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle)
1.2 Metal Avenger Feat. Fast Eddie Clarke (Motörhead)
1.3 Kings of Thunder and Lightning Feat. Scott Carlson (Repulsion)
1.4 Master of Revenge Feat. Henry Rollins (Black Flag)
1.5 Destruct Feat. Brian Forsythe (Kix)
1.6 The Hammer Feat. Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister)
1.7 Taste of Victory Feat. Betsy Bitch (Bitch) ; Rikk Agnew (Christian Death)
1.8 Heavy Load
1.9 Legions of the Psykon World Feat. Jack Starr (Virgin Steele)
1.10 Drive Feat. Cheetah Chrome (The Dead Boys)

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