Those Darlins / Diarrhea Planet

Those Darlins / Diarrhea Planet: Live at Pickation Split

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Live at Pickation Split
Label: Easy Sound Recording
Product Type: VINYL LP

Culled from the Nashville upstarts' blazing sets at the 2014 Pickathon Music Festival in Happy Valley, OR. Each side of this 12" split LP features artist-specific original art by Travis Bone (Furturtle).

1.1 Diarrhea Planet - Spooners
1.2 Diarrhea Planet Separations ) Raft Nasty
1.3 Diarrhea Planet Kids
1.4 Diarrhea Planet Warm Ridin
1.5 Diarrhea Planet Ghost with a Boner
2.1 Those Darlins Red Light Love
2.2 Those Darlins Drive
2.3 Those Darlins Sweet Sweet Heart
2.4 Those Darlins Mystic Mind
2.5 Those Darlins She Blows
2.6 Those Darlins That Man

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