Threshold: Legends Of The Shires

Threshold: Legends Of The Shires
Title: Legends Of The Shires
Label: Metalville Mod

2017 two CD release. Founded by guitarist Karl Groom in southern England in 1988, Threshold were a unique proposition from the start and swiftly became the UK's premier purveyors of adventurous and progressive metal. They have remained at the top of that tree for the best part of three decades. After the tragic loss of former vocalist, Andrew Mac MacDermott, who sadly passed away in 2011, the band found themselves another man down, as Damian Wilson - vocalist with Threshold on three separate occasions, including the last decade of the band's career - abruptly departed. There was one obvious solution to this latest setback: for Legends Of The Shires, Threshold - completed by drummer Johanne James and bassist Steve Anderson - are welcoming former singer Glynn Morgan back into the fold, for the first time since fan-favorite full-length Psychedelicatessen in 1994. So here is Legends Of The Shires, a colossal album full of the most vivid, vivacious and supremely confident music that the band has ever recorded. This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 The Shire (Part 1)
1.2 Small Dark Lines
1.3 The Man Who Saw Through Time
1.4 Trust the Process
1.5 Stars and Satellites
1.6 On the Edge
2.1 The Shire (Part 2)
2.2 Snowblind
2.3 Subliminal Freeways
2.4 State of Independence
2.5 Superior Machine
2.6 The Shire (Part 3)
2.7 Lost in Translation
2.8 Swallowed

Threshold: Legends Of The Shires

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