Threshold: Psychedelicatessen (Silver Vinyl)

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Artist: Threshold

Artist: Threshold
Title: Psychedelicatessen (Silver Vinyl)
Product Type: VINYL LP

(SILVER VINYL) Psychedelicatessen is the second studio album by Threshold, released in late 1994. It is their only studio album to feature Glynn Morgan on vocals, and also their only album with Nick Harradence playing drums. The band's members were displeased with the sound quality on the original release of the album, and had long desired to do a complete remix. Their first fan club release Decadent, released in 1999, contained remixes of three songs from the album. The entire Psychedelicatessen album was later remixed for a 2001 Special Edition release. The songs on the album deal with themes of religion. Psychedelicatessen is also the name of the second album released by the band Moodswings (Arista, 1997). The name of the album is a portmanteau of the words "Psychedelic" and "Delicatessen".

1.1 Sunseeker 7:38
1.2 A Tension Of Souls 7:10
1.3 Into The Light 10:00
2.1 Will To Give 4:54
2.2 Under The Sun 3:05
2.3 Babylon Rising 4:42
2.4 Here I Am 5:51
3.1 Innocent 4:43
3.2 Devoted 7:32
3.3 Lost (Bonus Track) 2:42
4.1 Intervention (Bonus Track) 8:25
4.2 Fist Of Tongues (Bonus Track) 4:29
4.3 Half Way Home (Bonus Track) 5:48
5.1 Attension Of Souls (Live) 7:30
5.2 Sanity's End (Live) 11:08
6.1 Innocent (Live) 4:40
6.2 Surface To Air (Live) 9:14
6.3 Paradox (Live) 9:02

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