Thundermother: Heat Wave (Yellow Vinyl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Thundermother

Title: Heat Wave (Yellow Vinyl)
Label: Afm Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Yellow Vinyl. On July 31st, 2020 Thundermother will release "Heat Wave", followed by an extended HEAT WAVE RELEASE TOUR 2020 through Germany and Europe in autumn. "Heat Wave" is the musical expression of the lifestyle of the hard rockers: Thundermother don't just play rock'n'roll. Thundermother are rock'n'roll! 13 tracks, all killer no filler. "Heat Wave" reveals the full potential of the four exceptional musicians. The special mix that Thundermother create on this album appeals to fans of rock 'n' roll, blues, punk and heavy metal alike. The result: A more sophisticated version of an AC/DC motorhead sound, with fresh modern hard rock elements and a rich 70s groove. The songs cover the entire spectrum of life, everything from love ballads, blues songs to party hits.

1.1 Loud and Alive
1.2 Dog from Hell
1.3 Free Ourselves
1.4 Heat Wave
1.5 Purple Sky
1.6 Sleep
1.7 Driving in Style
1.8 Back in '76
1.9 Mexico
1.10 Into the Mud
1.11 Ghosts
1.12 Somebody Love Me
1.13 Bad Habits

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