Thurston Moore: Full Bleed

Thurston Moore: Full Bleed
Title: Full Bleed
Label: Northern Spy Records

First proper studio album widely distributed release from the pairing of Thurston Moore and John Moloney sometimes known as Caught on Tape. The music is heavy and noisy, yet bears the unmistakably poignant touch of the Sonic Youth mastermind and Sunburned Hand of the Man legend. Thurston Moore is one of the founders of noise rock, and one of the most idiosyncratic guitarists of all time. John Moloney rose to prominence as the drummer of the psychedelic, ever prolific Sunburned Hand of the Man. They have been combining their talents in an experimental duo project since 2012, cutting several limited release LPs and performing internationally.

1.1 Age Limit
1.2 Nothing Glamorous
1.3 Full Bleed
1.4 Self-Rule
1.5 Arguing with a Balloon
1.6 Dispute
1.7 Reverse Funeral
1.8 Unsupervised
1.9 Rubber Grandma

Thurston Moore: Full Bleed

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