Thy Kingdom Will Burn

Thy Kingdom Will Burn: Thy Kingdom Will Burn

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Product Type: CD

Title: Thy Kingdom Will Burn
Label: Scarlet Records

Their very first strike is an uncompromising and yet accessible display of power: melodic death metal in it's purest form, following the renowned Finnish way. In this astonishing debut album, the band from Kouvola brilliantly manages to balance it's fierce nature and the catchier influences; the end result is simply epic, exciting and moving at the same time.

1.1 The Awakening
1.2 Alone
1.3 Follow The Fallen 05:03
1.4 Rise Against
1.5 The Black River
1.6 In Company Of Wolves
1.7 Unclean
1.8 Through The Storm
1.9 War!
1.10 Season Of Sorrow

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