Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tig Notaro

Title: Boyish Girl Interrupted
Label: Secretly Canadian

Known for her distinctive storytelling and offbeat sense of humor, Tig, at first, draws highly on personal experiences, speaking frankly and incisively about her fight with cancer, the death of her mother, her family and her wife. Notaro then seamlessly lightens topics with stories about one particularly terrible performance in Vegas; a search for the perfect Santa Claus; her favorite laugh noises; introducing her wife to some overzealous Mississippi relatives; TSA screenings; flying in a small plane; unusual public signs; and again standing ovations; and much, much more.

1.1 The Rug
1.2 Vegas
1.3 Where's Tig?
1.4 Searching for Santa
1.5 Laugh Noises
1.6 Mississippi Relatives
1.7 Tombstone
1.8 Cancer
1.9 Tsa
1.10 Topless
1.11 Private Jet
1.12 Emergency Exit
1.13 Public Pool
1.14 Eta
1.15 Standing O
1.16 When I'm 64
1.17 6th Grade Music Class

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