Tiger Army

Tiger Army: Tiger Army II: Power Of Moonlight

$10.30 $11.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Tiger Army

Title: Tiger Army II: Power Of Moonlight
Label: Hellcat Records

"Tiger Army delivers a damn good CD full of energy and that classic sound that heals the soul and puts a spark in the heart. A must for all you psycho F*#kers out there. - Skratch magazine" There you have it kids. If you like goth, rockabilly, street-punk, hardcore and oi!, this band will butter your popcorn.

1.1 Prelude: Call of the Ghost Tigers
1.2 Towards Destiny
1.3 Incorporeal
1.4 Power of Moonlite
1.5 When Night Comes Down
1.6 Grey Dawn Breaking
1.7 Cupid's Victim
1.8 Valley of Dreams
1.9 Annabel Lee
1.10 In the Orchard
1.11 Under Saturn's Shadow
1.12 F.T.W
1.13 Remembered Forever

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